Every business has a range of issues that have “fallen between the cracks” and become an accepted part of business life.

We review and analyse your processes and technology, uncovering revenue leakage, cost control opportunities and ways to optimise IT systems.







We solve business challenges through the right formula of  People + Process + Technology.

We specialise in rapid IT project deployment and business systems process change, working with you to maximise your existing or new IT investments. Our approach is hands-on and common-sense. We find hidden issues and resolve problems, fostering communication and data sharing.

We use a proven method to help you to deliver change and improvement initiatives, providing the translation between business needs and IT systems. We balance structured process change and IT system improvements, ensuring we cover end to end needs.

Our extensive business experience allows us to improve process and efficiency, working with and beyond technology. We know how to successfully dissecting detailed and complex process into digestible segments. This allows us to highlight your business drivers, identify revenue or cost leakage, then design and deliver projects to solve these business challenges.


Our customers range from the small end of SMEs to the upper-most limits.  We work with people who want to deliver efficient, cost-effective, real-time change.

Whether you want a small business process adjustment, or a full technology implementation, cost and time effective change is achievable. 

We'll  work with you to transform dead time and money into business gold.


Recent Projects

Our projects have included business industries as varied as Sawmills, Galvanizing Plants, Multi-Industry and Discipline Field Service, Multi-Discipline Construction, Textile Manufacturing, Mining and Materials Handling.



Company Information

The Principals

Business System Alchemy was started by Michael Meryment and Ruxana D'Vine in 2012. They are both passionate about helping businesses get the most out of IT systems and their vendors. They both feel there is often a significant divide between the way businesses communicate IT needs and in the way their IT vendor digests and acts on those needs.

Michael and Ruxana and developed their High-Impact Project Delivery method while working together in a multi-national Construction and Services company, from its birth to its untimely demise.

Michael started his professional life as a Chartered Accountant, before then working for a Consultancy business providing IT evaluations and implementations to medium to large businesses.  Read more about Michael...

Ruxana first encountered IT systems when using Pronto-Xi ERP as a Service Coordinator and Administrator at a lock-smithing company, where she was involved in driving the system to meet operational needs. After this, she worked for several years at a software company as a Senior Business Analyst.  Read more about Ruxana...

Our Experience

Business System Alchemy bring a combined total of over forty years of consulting experience to your business, as well as over twenty years of “hands-on” business experience, financially, operationally and technically.

Our staff are qualified in Project Management, Change Management, Professional Negotiating and Influencing, Chartered Accounting and IT-focused MBA.

We’ve worked on all sides of the fence, as end users, internal business analysts, vendor consultants, business consultants and developers, giving us a unique perspective on marrying technology to business.

Our projects have included all aspects of IT within an operating business, including but not limited to:

  • New ERP implementations, matching current business process to new technology
  • Merger and Acquisitions business integration into parent structure, including software and infrastructure change projects
  • Business process change projects
  • Australian, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand business environments
  • Business Financial Reporting
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Process and procedures to ensure business consistency
  • Design of business-critical process and software and development of business-specific software
  • Website delivery
  • Design and development of various applications in finance, logistics and transport.
  • Business Intelligence implementations

Our Industry Experience includes Facilities Management, Construction, Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, Finance and Professional Services.


Why Alchemy?

The original Alchemists were interested in transformation – of people, of objects, of life. Everyone knows the stereotype of turning lead into gold… Fundamentally, they were focused on different forms of change and how to effect them, specifically by using a combination of scientific skills and human understanding. They recognised that theory was nothing without comprehending the nature of the subject you’re applying it to.

In the rational, often impersonal, business world that we live in, we sometimes forget that connection. It’s too easy to reduce business process to just being a set of scientifically or academically correct documents and protocols. It’s too easy to forget that people are the heart of any business process and therefore, any business change.

Sometimes it's easy to overlook the fact that process and people need to match in order for your business to truly integrate and accept the change.


There’s a large, untapped potential within businesses, both in IT systems and in people. 

We want your IT systems and people to fit together efficiently to create value for your business.


Articles by The Alchemist

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